For children


In Olymp 3 we welcome families with children. Stay by the Baltic Sea is not only fun time spent at the beach, but also treatment and prevention. Everyone can see the therapeutic effect of climate for themselves, but in children the improvement is particularly evident, especially those who have problems with recurrent anginas, diseases of the ears and lungs. Marine aerosol has also beneficial effect on people with allergies, because sea air is clean and free of allergens.


What facilities does Olymp 3 offer for families with children?

First of all, large spacious rooms, where there is enough space for every beloved toy. 

All meals that you order are in a form of a buffet, so the child has a good selection and even the biggest picky eater will find something he/she likes. Our buffets are extremely rich and colourful, which, combined with activities out in the fresh air ensures excellent appetite. In the dining room there are special chairs for babies - so the baby can sit high enough to be easily fed and remain safe.

In Olympie 3 there is also a corner with colourful ball pit - use for hotel guests is free of charge. Playground is not available to outsiders.


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