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You don’t run, but you’d like to start

We will not write why running is great, because we all know it well. But if we know, then why do we still not run? After all, 90% of people can run, more intensely or less, regardless of age. 

Why do you not run?

A trip to a foreign city is a great opportunity to experiment. That way, it will be easier to start, in a strange city where no one knows you and you do not know anyone. In addition, you'll soon find that in Kolobrzeg absolutely everyone’s running! Big and small, old and young, fat and thin, you can be absolutely certain that no one will pay attention to you, because there's a lot of people running around and everyone is different. Running gives you a big energy kick, improves endurance, helps with losing weight, so before you give up all these goodies because you’re afraid of looking funny in front of other people, give yourself a chance in a new place and try it!
And that’s why it’s worth to try it during a holiday in OLYMP, because it is located in the resort area, 300 meters from the beach (iodine zone) and 150 m from the park, that you can reach in approx. 3 minutes on foot.
Completing the cheapest summer outfit for running (shoes, pants, shirt) can cost already as little as 130 PLN. It will be enough to comfortably get started. If you catch the 'running bug', then you can decide how much you want to invest into your outfit and how professional you want to look during your training.
Why do you go on holiday? To do something different than you do at home throughout the year. So if you’re used to spending your free time on the couch, this time gather your energy, give yourself a good pep talk and go outside. Holiday trips usually last only a few days, so you will surely survive a little run now and then, and secondly - you paid hard earned money for the opportunity to breathe in the sea aerosol, it'd be a shame to waste it by sitting in a hotel room.
Oh, but change it will, and you will be surprised how fast! The effects are apparent almost immediately. When you combine training with a diet you can see the weight loss after 2 days, and during a week you can lose about 1 kg. But this is not the only change that awaits. In addition, running regulates blood pressure, oxygenates the body, regulates the endocrine system. So as you lose 1 kg a week, as you begin to see muscles outline underneath that fatty layer, as you begin to fall asleep easily and wake up in a joyful mood - you will see how running can change you and your life.
Rational jogging, or running without excessively forcing the body will never be torture. It should be dosed, in order to not „slaughter" yourself. You should feel a pleasant fatigue and satisfaction instead of tuckering yourself out.
If you prefer cycling then that is great too, especially if you have joint problems or necessarily want to carve your gluteal muscles. But remember, running burns fat more efficiently: 5 minutes of jogging burns 430 calories and 5 minutes of cycling - only 350 kcal (in both cases, we consider slow pace of training). Besides, running engages more muscles of the upper body, it a year-round sport discipline and can be done anywhere; if you’re stubborn you can even run at home (running in place).
In that case keep on reading and we’ll get you started!

The first 3 steps to begin running and not getting discouraged:

Buy running clothes. Shoes are the most important, because they protect the joints. Shoes should be always one size bigger! The feet work hard during the race, and need more space than during average activities. Buy shoes for runners. Don’t be afraid of the price tag, because prices already start from 60-70 PLN. Such specialised footwear has a special sole that absorbs shocks during running. Cheap shoes wear out quickly, but they do manage to teach you what traits in gear you’d rather avoid, so then if you p decide to continue running you can buy another pair aware of your needs. When it comes to running, actually just a regular tracksuit can do the trick, but you can get a set of breathable workout outfit for a low price too, which greatly improves comfort during exercise. Breathing types of fabric can make a whole world of difference - so remember to NEVER wear fleece sweatshirts! We know people who did that and got discouraged because they came back from running half suffocated.

Select a good time of day. Do not force yourself to exercise, if you don’t want to running at 6 in the morning. Run when you have a lot of energy, but at least 2 hours after a big meal! Attitude is another important factor - do not treat it as coercion, because that way it will never bring you any joy. Think of how many people in the world envy your ability to freely run through the old park overlooking the sea, inhaling pure seaside air! When you return from your run, you'll feel hungry - it’s only natural, and you should not fight it. It would be best to eat something high protein, but it’s not so important (at least initially) - as long as it’s not candy!

People who are total beginners (having last raced during PE class 20 years ago) should forget about distance goals. Make no plans such as "today I'm running 5 km!”. This is a simple and reliable way to self destruction. Beginners should instead pick a certain time lenght, for example: "Today I'm training for an hour.” It’s clear that at the beginning they won't be able to jog this long without taking a few breaks, but that’s alright. Start with running slowly, for as long as you feel you have the strength and when it starts to get uncomfortable swich to brisk walking. But do not bring yourself to a state of total exhaustion or lack of breath, dizziness, etc. With each training your body will become stronger and will give you a signal that you can begin running faster and longer. It is very important not to torture yourself at the beginning beyond measure, because that's what a lot of people did then got discouraged in turn and and stopped exercising altogether. The time for strict workout routine will come when your body will start to like the effort and demand to push the limits.


Running races in Kolobrzeg

Nuptials Run

date: always in the vicinity of 18 March
distance: 15 km
age categories:
route: 3 loops, start at the Icarus Sanatorium, the park by the seaside, finish line by the tennis courts

The event commemorating the liberation of Kolobrzeg on 18 March 1945, after two weeks of bloody fights, when several thousand soldiers of the Polish Army and the Red Army were killed. After the liberation, approximately 80-90% of the city consisted of ruins. In 2016, the 30th edition of the event was held, attended by hundreds of runners from around the world. The best time of 44:59 was obtained by Kenyan Moses Kibira Kipruto. The run was completed by 1,083 players.

Kolobrzeg Marathon

date: always during the long May weekend
distance: marathon
age categories:
route: start at the Provita Hotel, bicycle path running along the beach through Sianozety, Ustronie Morskie to Gaski and back

Kolobrzeg Marathon is held annually since 2013 and consist of 3 editions: sharp marathon (full distance), half marathon and Kids marathon Kids, for children aged 5 to 13 years

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